the girlfriends pod

The Girlfriends Pod is a resource center & safe haven for southern women of color! Offering them a place of sanctuary, where they can be themselves & better themselves with a girlfriend, sista girl vibe!


A Sparkly Place for You & Your Homegirls!

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so come on in girl...

we're not Mary J but our hugs are just as good!

What We Do

why do women of color even

need a resource guide?!

from our chief homegirl Bria "Honeybbuzz" Davenport

- Because no one knows our experiences better than us! ( There can be so many things out there to tell us how to make it work but if you don't look like me then how could you possibly tell me how to navigate life. I mean you can but I'm sure it won't work the same for me.) 

- Years of Oppression has taught us how to get by but if we don't share how we did it, our kids won't know how they can make it better ( My mom serves as a beacon for young single mothers in our community because she was one, she has been able to share her wealth of knowledge to others & they can take strides to make their lives better) 

- Because we're better when we work as a team (Sharing my platform with other bloggers, sharing my events with other businesses helps us all to elevate. Sharing our resources with each other as women of color helps us to build up, rewrite systems & create something our community can benefit from) 

why the south?!

The Girlfriends Pod is a hub for southern women to just come & be without being of service to anything or anyone! The south has little to no resources for women of color to spread their wings & fly without being a high society member, we believe we can change that. Southern women of color are some of the most underserved people but are so knowledgable because they had to be; so imagine cultivating all that greatness in these mini havens, the possibilities are endless!

our team


Bria davenport

Chief Homegirl , Founder


Cormeshia Batty 

Assitant Blog Editor 


Niyasia Oliver

Social Media Intern 


tiye bradley

"Tiye's Vanity Corner" Blog Columist


Jailen James

"Fashion with J" Blog Columnist


princess brown

"Muscles n Mimosas" Columist 

our inspiration

Our Founder's Great Grandmothers Ruth Davis & Eloise Parrott, lived their whole lives working & taking care of others; we'd like to think they'd love The Girlfriends Pod to rest, create & plan! This is for them!