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7 Greatest Steps to Layering

7 Greatest Steps to Layering

Hi Fashion Loves, 

Time for some Layering 101! Yep there's a science to this and as the weather is getting colder here in the Carolinas; I thought I'd help you guys out! 

1. Warming Undergarments

A thick t-shirt or tank top and some warming spanks or slimming shorts. I've found these to be the best when it comes to keeping warm under my chic outfits. 

2. Thick Hosiery

Whether it be opaque tights or high-knee socks, thick hosiery takes the cake when it comes to warming your legs and feet! 

3. Long Sleeve Shirt

No matter what you need a long sleeve shirt whether it buttons or not! It keeps those arms nice and warm even it is just another layer! You could also wear a printed one like in my video and roll up the sleeves of the top layer to expose the shirt sleeves. 

4. Bottoms

When layering it's better to wear bottoms that are lose enough for other layers underneath. This helps with comfort cause if you're bottoms are too tight, you may have a heck of day ahead. 

5. 2nd Top 

I like to add an extra top for warmth and contrast, the jean shirt I have on in the video shows contrast. You can see the sleeves from the long sleeve shirt and somewhat works as a vest. 

6. Jacket 

You can easily just wear a jacket instead of a coat when you layer your clothing. You really don't have to worry about the bulky jacket blocking your cute outfit. 

7. Boots 

Whether ankle or knee- length, boots are the essential to layering because you can add extra socks for added warmth because we all can't wear UGG boots to work. 

I hope this helps & You enjoyed the video!

What tips do you use when layering for Fall/Winter?!

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