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Dressing for Curves

Dressing for Curves

Hey Fashion Loves, 

Majority of women have some kinda curves in their body that they must accommodate when getting dressed. Whether it's a curve in the front, behind or on the sides. Here are a few tips on how to accommodate those curves, so you don't have to compromise your style. 

Front Curves 

- Try high-waisted bottoms to help camouflage your mid-section. 

- Banded tunic shirts and dressed usually don't flatter women with large mid-sections, it would help to stay away from those 

- Making sure you are wearing the proper Bras so that your bust is flattering and not compromising

-Looser fitting shirts don't flatter women with large bust, fitted shirts work better

Back Curves

- Skater styled skirts or dresses, don't flatter women with a large rear, try instead fitted skirts and dresses ( Skater Skirts & dresses gives women without a large rear some added dimension) 

- Consider what clothing looks like behind before considering to buy

- Making sure you have proper undergarments and shape wear so that when wearing tighter clothing it looks smooth

Side Curves

- Mini Skirts/dresses can be very uncomfortable and unflattering for women with protruding hips, try instead midi skirts ( the hem comes below the knee) this will give the same feel without the uncomfortability of pulling on your skirt

- Loose fitting bottoms (Boyfriend Jeans, Cargos) are possible for you, ensure to get a larger size than needed to accommodate your hip width. Essentially these style bottoms should hit at your lower waist. 

- When picking your outfits, ensure to pick a loose fitting piece and a tighter fitting piece, when wearing a full loose fitting out you can cover up some of your best curves!

There's a Shops For Curves List that you can download with stores that are curvy friendly PLUS stores that do bra fittings and shape wear consultations. (All Store Names are Clickable Links) 

It's All About Good Shape Wear! Where are your Favorite Places to Shop for your Curves?!

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