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4 Apps that Every Fashionista Needs

4 Apps that Every Fashionista Needs

Hey Fashion Loves, 

From the looks of the thumbnail picture, I have a pretty wide range of apps! There are just 4 Apps that I love and are very helpful for shopping and getting those quick savings. 

1. Target's Cartwheel App 

This app is a God-Send! The app comes equipped with a scanner so you can scan the products you pick to see what kind of savings that may have! Every week they're are new savings offers posted in the app, you can choose them then add them to your cartwheel. At checkout all you have to do is show the barcode to the cashier & they scan it! It's such a great app and you get instant savings every time you go to Target. (Hint: Up&Up products always have 10% savings offers on cartwheel) 

2. ShopKick 

ShopKick is a very hidden app but a gem to say the least! This app gives a way gift cards to various retailers & of various amounts in exchange for gaining certain amounts of "kicks". You can easily gain kicks by simply opening the app as you walk into a store or scanning certain products listed for that week. There are also kicks you can earn by purchasing certain items. You will definitely fall in love with this app. 

3. PayPal App 

We all love PayPal online as a fast way to invoice someone or send money. Well with the PayPal app, you can pay people right there on the spot, order food for delivery put it on credit and pay for it the end of the month. The PayPal app is very helpful plus you can also access your account and check your balance. 

4. RetailMeNot App 

The very loved RetailMeNot site is now available as an app and very useful I might say! Easily find hidden deals while shopping in store, save your favorite deals and also save your coins! 

Hope all these Apps are helpful to you on shopping runs! What are your Favorite Shopping Apps to use?!

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