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How to Start Your Wardrobe from Scratch

How to Start Your Wardrobe from Scratch

Hello Fashion Loves, 

This time last year, things happened that placed me and my family back at square one. Square one for everything but to a fashion lover like me, it definitely put my wardrobe back at square one! With a small budget and not much time, I had to figure how to build a wardrobe from the beginning and use those few things to get me through while still staying my stylish self. 

You may be going through a hard time and need to start over or you're looking to get a brand new wardrobe….this is how you can do that!

Start with the Basics 

Essentials like White Tshirts, Jeans and tanks tops are all accessible at a decent price. Find a good sale to buy these essential things. This is your foundation of your wardrobe. Just like in school once you have the basics, you can continue to build! 

Add Accessories 

Buying things such as a pair of gold hoops, basic bangles or a gold minimal necklace will be a great start with accessories. Then you can buy the statement pieces as you go along. Don't try to move to fast on building your wardrobe, it takes time! Accessories add the flair to the basic closet essentials you have acquired. 

Make it Work 

Nevermind people saying you can't repeat the same clothing or outfit! Remixing an outfit never hurt anyone and no one will even notice! Creating at least 4 outfit possibilities for each basic piece in your closet makes at least 20-50 possibilities total! 

Trend isn't Everything

Dare to be classic, not trendy! It's okay to pick up a trendy piece here and there but once that piece is out of style, it's no longer useful! 


This new wardrobe is the CURE, the start of something new and fresh to heal whatever wound their maybe. CURE stands for Classic, Useful, Relevant & Easy 

Classic: Timeless, something your kids will want when they grow older

Useful: Everything in your closet should be useful, that means wearable (it has to fit)

Relevant: Relevant to your lifestyle, age appropriate and helps you reach your goals

Easy:  Nothing about Fashion is hard, everything in your closet shouldn't be super complex & complicated. It has to be easy so you love it! 

I hope this helpful to you… Have questions?! Email them to! 

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