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5 Fashion Myths from Social Media

5 Fashion Myths from Social Media

Hello Fashion Loves, 

The Social Media is very influential these days and believe or not, they encourage a lot of the fashion know-how we think we have. Here are 5 fashion myths from social media:

1. Bodysuits are Suitable for Everyday Life 

Beyonce wears bodysuits for big arena concerts, unfortunately most of us are not going to fill arena concerts every day of our lives or every night we go out. Bodysuits are therefore not useful to any woman that's not performing on a stage. 

2. Taking Fashion Inspiration Literally

Inspiration is to inspire most things on social media are meant to inspire. Seeing the new outfit that Kim K is rocking in the street is just inspiration. Going out to buy the exact pieces of that outfit is a little much especially if it doesn't fit your personal budget, livelihood or style. Just use fashion pictures we see online as inspiration. 

3. If they sell it, I should buy it

Beyond popular belief, lots of people whatever is in the store regardless of the appropriateness for the individual. Everything sold in stores or sold in online retail sites shouldn't be bought. All body con dresses and celeb-inspired wear sold by instagram boutiques are not for every woman. Find your style with me, Check out my personal styling services here

4. Outrageous Accessories 

As much as I hate rules, I don't think this rule is too bad. "Take off at least one accessory before leaving home"; if you have on yellow & black, you don't need to wear every single yellow & black accessory you own in your closet. Not necessary, another rule "Less is More"

5. Heels are suitable for everything. 

Boom! I hope no one chews me out over this but this is not true! Living California some women go shopping in heels in places like North Carolina not so much! You have to adapt to your environment, heels are suitable for every situation in life. Also finding heels suitable and appropriate for work is a MUST! 

Hope this helped so far, it's all about creating a personal style for yourself and making everything your own stylishly. If you still can't identify your personal style, sign up for a personal styling session with me. Each session can be virtually or in-person. Find out more details on my Get Styled page. 

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