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A Step-by-Step Guide to Defining Your Personal Style {+ FREE Workbook}

A Step-by-Step Guide to Defining Your Personal Style {+ FREE Workbook}

Hi There!

2016 is fully underway and I hope you have decided to dress the woman you want to become! Making your dreams of a winning style come true! I have personally decided the kind of personal style I am striving for this which is very simple and chic! Small sparks of extravagance here and there! 

After, recreating my style 2 years ago after a major speed bump with finances and my family; it helped me to shape my personal style. When it comes to defining your style, it's great to have high hopes of these nice, luxurious things but then we have to remember the reality!

I created a workbook plus a voice recording that helps you step by step guide to defining your personal style! If you're ready to reboot your personal style to something more fresh and classic!


Just like your vision board, you want your style to match your hustle and personality! I tell my clients and readers to think outside of your current circumstances that include family, location and money. It may also help to pick a style idol, someone you can chronicle your personal style after! You don't have to dress exactly like them but when you declare your style idol, you admiring their style style and channelling the feel/energy they have! For example, one of my style idols is Kim Kardashian, tho I wouldn't be walking in heels everyday or rocking an expensive crop top. Her simplistic and minimalistic style has definitely motivated me to take on the same feel/energy through my personal style. 


Now it's time to break it all down! Your priorities, considering budget and other lifestyle aspects that may affect the dream style you've created! 


In this portion you will set up your personal style. You get to define your style using words describe how you plan to feel when you get dressed everyday. My words include Simplistic, Chic and Sparkly! These are words that help you when you get dressed every morning, standing in the mirror! 

The FREE Workbook I have created for you takes you through the guide step by step! There is also a audio recording that you can listen to as you are guiding through the workbook. Just sign up below to receive both plus Weekly w. Honeybbuzz that includes weekly newsletters that help with style inspiration, unlimited free download accessibility and you get first notification on any awesome deals here on Honeybbuzz. 

Pea Coat, Sweatshirt & Cap {Kanye Feel}

Pea Coat, Sweatshirt & Cap {Kanye Feel}

How Netflix helped me to help you! {Plus FREE Haute Harvest Subscription}

How Netflix helped me to help you! {Plus FREE Haute Harvest Subscription}