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How to stay stylish + Be the BOSS!! {FREE Work Week Style Calendar}

How to stay stylish + Be the BOSS!! {FREE Work Week Style Calendar}

Hi There! 

2016 is all about following your dreams and looking the part! Well, you might ask "How can I take over the world & still look fly, I can't afford a stylist?!" It is much easier than meets the eye, keeping up your image while keeping up your dream seeking is hard but I have some tips that may help. 

1. Find Your Uniform 

I saw this while reading a recent article on keeping your style at work. It seemed to me at first because if we're trying to be the boss, the last thing we want to wear is a uniform. This actually does help, finding your uniform is how you find your boss style (more of that coming next month!). Things that are appropriate for the work place but still express your personal style. Just like style icon Janelle Monae, she sticks to her black and white classic style but can make it work for every setting! My "boss style" is mixed print chic, I love mix prints, dressing them up for a meeting and down for a casual day. Find your uniform and proclaim your boss style! 

2. Plan out your outfits for the work week 

Just like you plan your meals, plan your outfits. My mom used to stress this heavily to me when I had to get up super early for school each day. Planning out your outfits helps to give you more time in the morning to get fly! Even if you aren't feeling the outfit you picked out for that day, at least you have the framework to work with. I did you a favor & created an Outfit Planner worksheet, you can add this to your weekly routine! Don't forget your blouse, bottoms, outerwear, shoes and accessories; drop a quick description in each spot! Sign up below to get your worksheet. 

Hang it in your closet!

3. Sign up for Haute Harvest 

Haute Harvest has a paid version that includes 9 outfits that are pre-styled to get you through the week! It's like having a personal stylist in your emails at your disposal. You can click here to see more options and even sign up for the FREE option that comes monthly! 

Don't forget your Outfit Planner Worksheet! 

Plaid Vest, Jean Jumpsuit & Metallic Sneakers

Plaid Vest, Jean Jumpsuit & Metallic Sneakers

Pea Coat, Sweatshirt & Cap {Kanye Feel}

Pea Coat, Sweatshirt & Cap {Kanye Feel}