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How to be Chic in a Jiffy

How to be Chic in a Jiffy

Hi There Loves!

I know I know I missed you too! It's been so hard trying to prepare for the new year, look cute, create, post, shop and do my actual job all at the same time! I'm sure you're experiencing this as well! It's just so hard and it sometimes may even make you want to sit out of the cute squad but you know I have you covered plus something super cool and valuable coming up for you! (so stay tuned til the end) 

Here are some tips on how to be chic in a jiffy, not only because you should always be ready to slay the world but because you deserve it!!! {Tweet like you mean it!}

1. Plan It Out

Just like your mom used to tell you, pick out your clothes before bed! Welp, my mom was right & you can tell her! Pulling out your outfits the night before is a really good way to keep yourself accountable for image everyday without the hassle of the "I have nothing to wear syndrome"!

2. Keep it Simple 

Sometimes when you're in such a rush it's so hard to add on the extra ish! So keep it simple, like black & white with a printed shoe or all black with a color! Soon I will be posting 7 outfits anyone can Rock so you can get a visual component to this tip! Until then, click here (you know I love pinterest, so I made you a nice lil pinterest board "Simply chic")!

3. Pull from the Archives

Have some outfits that you loved and you know you can always pull off! Pull it back out and wear it again! I am the ultimate "outfit repeater" but hey! that's life! Even better is to have something to reference and you can easily pull it out in a jiffy! Going back to that old instagram pic from 2 months ago or pulling out your "Quick Style Cards" (this is that cool thing I told you about in the beginning)! Quick Style Cards is a freebie that I wanted to create for you guys who ned to get dressed and out in a flash,they have a picture of the outfit, a list of what you need from your closet, and styling instructions! I made you 3 free ones to try and the if you want more you can buy the pack of 20 in 2 weeks, just in time for the holiday struggle! 

I'm trying them out next week with my email squad and hopefully you too! When you try out the first 3 for free, you also get to have some one-on-one styling time with me!!!! You get to learn more about that tomorrow in your email inbox! Make sure to get your cards first & let me know what you think!

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