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How to Stay on Task While Shopping

How to Stay on Task While Shopping

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Shopping can be fun but for some can be very overwhelming! Some people just don't like the concept of shopping whether it be shopping for clothes, shoes, makeup or groceries! I am going to share with you some tips to seamless shopping which first begins with STAYING ON TASK!

Sounds so hard to do but it can be done! Here's How:

1. Try not to shop at Superstores

When you know you have to buy something like groceries or something simple like a black dress, try not to shop at superstores without a plan! Superstores are a trap and can cause you to spend more money that you planned! Superstores includes places like Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart! The Trick: Shop Superstores with  a plan, know how you are going to tackle the store before moving in OR Shop at just a grocery store or just a clothing store to help resist temptation!

2. Always Know What You Need

Looking for something to wear to a special event or searching for the perfect outfit for vacation?! Know what you need before shopping, even if you're not exactly sure what it may be! It's nice to have some sort of idea so that you can be looking for something that fits that criteria. This makes it less likely to get overwhelmed or feel like you haven't found anything. 

3. Scope out sales before 

There are plenty of apps (Read this Post) that can help you to scope out good sales before you leave your home! This will help you to save money and also you don't feel that bad about shopping knowing you are about to get a good deal. 

I hope these tips help you to not be so overwhelmed with shopping or help you to have a guilt-free shopping experience! Want to know more?! Stay Tuned for the summer series "Secrets of a Shopaholic" , get an inside scoop on what's to come by signing up for my weekly newsletter!

#WCW: La La Anthony: The Queen of the Switch Up!

#WCW Women killing the fashion game and inspiring us all!

#WCW Women killing the fashion game and inspiring us all!