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How to Make Clothes from Secondhand Stores Your Own.....

How to Make Clothes from Secondhand Stores Your Own.....

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We all want to be the ultimate thrift store shopper but the main obstacle is finding ways to make it not noticeable that it's from GoodWill! Making other's clothing fit into your wardrobe is not an easy task. Here are a few tips on the next steps of thrift shopping:

1. Look for pieces that you may need

The last thing you want to do is be thrifting and buying things you don't need! It will just create clutter that you don't need and it will eventually be put in a giveaway pile right back to the thrift store! Instead, look for garments that you need in your wardrobe; the thrift store is just a cheaper alternative to a regular store. For instance, the plaid shirt you've been looking for to add to your wardrobe; the thrift store will be a good place to look for one!

2. Don't Buy If You Can't Fit It

A lot of people thrift for others, no biggie! It becomes a problem when the clothes never make it to the people. So, if you can't fit it, don't buy it! Others thrift to DIY things but never get to it; so if that's you.......

3. Know Your Style

You really have to be in-tune with your style to thrift. This will definitely come in handy when you're making purchase decisions. Need help on defining your style, click here!

I hope these few short tips, helped a lot! All Summer Long I am spilling my secrets to shopping smart; join the club here (Secrets of a Shopaholic)! 

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