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Why You're Constantly on the Fashion Don't List......

Why You're Constantly on the Fashion Don't List......

Hi There!

Sometimes it can be hard to get your style together and here maybe some reasons why you're failing at it. Consider this your "Come to Fashion Moment" , time to whip it into shape in this last quarter of the year. We don't want to carry these bad habits into the new year, right?!

"This is your 'Come to Fashion' Moment" 

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  • You're Not Sure When to Wear What

You are the person wearing the wool floppy hat in the Summer instead of the straw hat that has holes for your scalp to breath. You're not changing your style for your setting. Everyone can pretty much tell you're not sure of what you're wearing. Time to be straightforward about this and make a change. (this will help you out.)

  • You're Copying What You See Online

Instead of making things your own, you're constantly copying the instagram models. I'm sure they don't have half of the responsibilities you have. Instead you have to follow style icons that have style you can obtain, figure out ways you can make their looks your own on your budget. (this will help you.)

  • You're Not "Feeling" Yourself

Some people say "oh she's stuck up or she's feeling herself" but wouldn't you if you were feeling great in your style and turning heads. It's okay to feel yourself if you're not putting others down. You have to find the comfort in yourself to bring out your best self in any setting. It all starts with confidence. 

Get yourself off this don't list by starting off with my 5-day challenge "Confidently Stylish"! It can be started at anytime but for extra help from me and some supportive readers, register by September 28th! In 5 days, you will have the confidence to know your style, execute and slay! Register Below & Get this thing started! 

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