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How to Shop for an Event in a Hour or Less

How to Shop for an Event in a Hour or Less

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Shopping last minute for last minute plans can be the worst. It can cause you to be really confused, go over budget and be super late to the event! It doesn't have to take that much if you give your self an hour to make it hour?! Yep, you can make it happen in an hour or less, check out my schedule for making it through a last minute shopping fiasco! 

So let's say you have to be in at your event at 8:00pm, you should be at the store by 6:00pm and out right before 7:00pm!


-Arrive at your favorite store (preferably one that you know you can always find a win),

-Scroll your pinterest for an outfit that fits your event (searching the type of event and the outfit ideas is very helpful "Black tie event outfit ideas")

-Make sure to pick a second outfit just in case you hit a stump! (it's helpful to go with whichever piece you find first)


- Start with the Shoes (if it doesn't show the shoes think of what neutral shoe will look good with the outfit) 

-Ask yourself "Do you already have shoes to go with this?"


-Move on to the statement piece (this maybe the hardest piece to find so tackle this next)

-What would be a good alternative or something similar to this piece if you can't find it (try not to go to another store) 


-Move on to the next garment like the top or if you have a dress move onto accessories ! 


-Accessories!! (Don't go overboard try to stick to what is in the picture, if you don't notice any accessories pick small pieces like a delicate necklace or post earrings) 


-Check out!! Get out of there and head home! 

The Key: Come in with a Strategy! Start from the Bottom! Get the hardest in the Middle! Finish Strong with the Additional! 

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Haven't figured out pinterest much yet?! It's cool, I have curated a look book with looks on  based on each event type (it's like a mini what 2 wear where workshop) plus a how-to guide for pinterest! Get your look book & guide now by signing up below! 




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