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Getting the Style You Deserve

Getting the Style You Deserve

Hi There!

Since the New Year has begun, we are all pretty much fed up with the negative things that transpired the year before..... We still have about 2 more weeks to ride this New Year wave and I want to help you figure out some ways you can continue this wave throughout the Year!

Last year, I created a style quiz and on that style quiz and at the end you received your name plus a diagnosis on how to improve upon your results. I found that most of my readers were what I called a "Deserving Diana"! Diana is so unsure of how to dress herself and definitely doesn't think she deserves quality, chic fashion. Diana doesn't realize her circumstances can be changed with just changing her outlook!

Here are 3 ways to begin to get the style & lifestyle you deserve:

  • Build a vision of the life & style you wish to have (if there were no limits)
  • Create a starter list of things you can make happen now from that vision, things like: reading up on your dream career, relaxing more by simply sipping your favorite tea or placing that purse you've been eyeing on your monthly wish list! 
  • Changing your mindset, one day at a time by speaking positive affirmations each morning!

These are easy ways to build a life and style that you deserve..... What do I mean by deserve?

I mean that you are able and capable of receiving the rewards of life! As women, we often put ourselves after others and think we don't deserve to eat, sleep or shop first! Though we have priorities we can't forget to reward ourselves with life's satisfactions. 

This year I am working on "Grace", having more patience for myself; everything doesn't have to be picture perfect but it should be satisfying! I choose this because I deserve that life and I am determined to make it happen in every aspect of my life! My vision is to simplify and enjoy life but without compromising my style, love and passion!

My starter steps to achieve that are reading up on how to be more graceful with myself and lifestyle, joining a facebook group to connect with others who are doing the same plus creating easy, breezy mornings for myself before the rush of 8am life hits me with to-dos!


See I am also on this journey to obtaining what I deserve and I want you to have that place to connect with others who want the same! I have created a new Facebook community called the "The Girlfriends Pod"! This is the space where you are able to connect with other ladies who are not only going after obtaining the personal style they can love and be proud of but also with a personal life that reflects the same! I hope you will join us on this journey together, we will have fashion challenges, virtual vision board reflections, weekly goal check-ins and more!


I hope you are also a girlfriend of mine in my email squad, I give blunt advice about fashion, shopping and life every week so don't miss out! 




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