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The #1 Reason Why You're Hiding Behind Your Clothes

The #1 Reason Why You're Hiding Behind Your Clothes

Hi There!

We're officially in the second month of the year and I'm hoping you're still on track for success this year! The first step to helping yourself to become better and prepared for success is by admitting the issues you're facing then finding solutions!

I am so sure you are continuing to hide yourself behind your clothing with the overflow of trendy items, oversized clothing or too many accessories! It doesn't have to be that way, I felt the same way when I was figuring myself out. 


The number one reason you continue to do this horrible thing is because you aren't sure of yourself, you are filling a void to feel better about yourself. When I was in college I had so many clothes my first 3 years; like  A LOT! I had clothes people borrowed and didn't even notice I had clothes missing; yet and still I was buying clothes all the time! I think I was trying to fill some void of not really knowing what I was doing with my life or trying to make myself feel better about not having it all together like it seemed. 

I don't want you to feel this way ever, I mean rocking every trend that pops up in a style magazine doesn't have to be in your closet. You need to decide the style you want and don't need to feel pressured to fit in so much that no one even notices you!

Time to make a change and save your change too! Next week, February 6th I am going to embark on a 12-day journey with you to challenge not just myself but you too! It's the no spend challenge, save your money and your style!

We will learn:

- How to shop for quality on a budget 

- How to Shop Your Closet 

- How to not hide behind your clothes 

- How to conduct a closet audit

You can sign up now here & grab your "Ditch It" Playlist to have some jams while you start by cleaning out your closet! I want you to go ahead and get started to get those old clothes out of the way! Don't continue to struggle with yourself every morning on what to wear!

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