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3 Ways to Keep It Casual + Free Download

3 Ways to Keep It Casual + Free Download

Hi There! 

Casual can be a real gray and can sometimes really walk the line of almost lazy! There is a line people and casual can be just as chic as it is comfy! Here are some ways to keep it Casual plus there's something in it for you at the end!

1. Pairing a printed or metallic flat to your outfit can jazz up any casual outfit with little to no effort. 


2. No oversized t-shirts! Oversized tees can most of the time be overwhelming and not flattering for your figure!


3. Simple but crisp, keeping your casual attire crisp with clean lines can help a lot with your appearance without the effort. 


Keeping it casual is cool and calm especially during the warmer months! Take these notes and more in the Shop Your Closet Manual + Outfit Planner, it comes with every Closet Audit Service! When you register for the service you receive the following:

- 2-hour Closet Walk Through to purge out your closet with guidance from Honeybbuzz

- Detailed Audit Report on what's was thrown out and what needs to be added

- Receive a Shop Your Closet Manual & "Prepare Before You Wear" Outfit Plan

The Manual and planner will help you to keep your closet from the being over-cluttered and overwhelming place it was before your audit! Try it out today because it will only be around for March Only! You can get started with this free preview of the manual, download down below!

Don't forget to register for your Closet Audit, the Promo price has been extended until March 18th! You are able to declutter your closet with my help plus add to your closet without the overwhelm of deciding yourself what to get & where to buy!

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