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How to Effectively Read a Fashion Magazine

How to Effectively Read a Fashion Magazine

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Reading Fashion & Style Magazines mean nothing if you don't get anything out of it! The pretty pictures and things are just the icing to what a fashion magazine is really for. I know you may be busy and have no time to dissect a fashion magazine; so I am here to show you how:

1.  Use Shop Spreads as a Shopping Lists!

Rip out pages that resemble the ones below and keep them in your purse for easy access while shopping. 

2.  Use Outfit Layouts to Help Dress You

Outfit Layouts definitely help a lot when you are in "I have nothing to wear" type mood. 

3. Editorial Spreads can help with Inspiration 

Editorial spreads are far from real-life but can be used to help with daily outfit inspiration. You can pick a color scheme or garment to help you with choosing an outfit that's definitely fashion forward. 

4. Use Color Scheme Pages to Try New Things

Broaden your outfit horizons with color scheme suggestion pages! They usually take on trend colors and pair them with colors you typically have in your closet. 

If this is still just way too much for you, I have a simple solution! It's Haute Harvest, after re-accessing the existing concept over the past month; I have decided to make it an email mag! We will search through the mags, blogs and boutiques to bring you the latest trends in everyday terms! We release our first issue for FREE on Wednesday, March 16 , get on the list for your first issue & check out what we have to offer!

#WCW  Women killing the fashion game!

#WCW Women killing the fashion game!

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