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Shop Your Closet

Shop Your Closet

Hello Fashion Loves,

Every time we figure out our plans, the first thing we say is "I NEED TO GO GET SOMETHING TO WEAR!" Before we even think to look in our closets first, I'm very guilty of this too but we must learn to "Shop Our Closets"!

Skimming magazines sometimes make us think we must have that very EXACT top or whatever it maybe. Shopping your closet and using magazines for inspiration, helps keep us away from impulse shopping. This has helped me so much this past year.

Once we are equipped with the essentials then we have basically everything we need for any occasion. You can find out what your closet essentials are here. 

Of course, we have case by case situations but for every little thing, there's no need for a full-out shopping spree unless you have that kind of bank (I definitely do not!)

I'm going to show you how to start to shop your closet and at the end I have FREE Shop Your Closet E-book filled these tips, some inspiration boards to use as an examples and a few color schemes to reference when getting dressed. 

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Here's how you start:

1. Pick Your Foundation Piece: 

Here's a few examples of a foundation piece

- White Tee 

- Blue Jeans 

- Black Dress 

2. Pick Your Shoes:

Your shoes bring the interest & uniqueness to your outfit, whether patterned or neutral, they help set the tone for the rest of the outfit. 

3. Pick Your Accent Garment:

For Example, if you have a white tee, a cute patterned skirt would go nice as the accent garment or if you have a black dress, a jean shirt would be nice to go around the waist. 

4. Pick Your Jewelry & Accessories (no more than 2)

You shouldn't wear more than 2 accessories at a time to prevent it from becoming overwhelming. 

5. Lastly, Pick Your Purse

A purse is essential, big or small, I feel every woman should carry a bag day & night!

Do You Shop Your Closet?! What Tips Do You Have To Share?!


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