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5 Fabulous Tips for Vacation Style!

5 Fabulous Tips for Vacation Style!

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Hi There!

After, a much needed vacation; I have so much time to create some awesome content for the blog! We are first going to start with "Vacation Style"! No one is into being the normal tourist anymore, we want the culture around us to reflect in our dress! These are a few tips to help you with your vacation style!

1. Ditch the Tourist Look!

We can easily become the average tourist person with their shorts, corny sneakers and the dreaded fanny pack! Consider making your vacation style a little more glitz without losing the practicability! Add a metallic sneaker or a fashion forward version of the fanny pack! 

2. Consider Travel Time and Mode!

I'm not saying you have to be in your best heels and jeans when traveling, especially if you're driving! Consider the time it will take to travel and the mode of transportation you will be taking. I like to travel in maxi dresses and sandals, I can easily slip off in a car to comfy!

3. Try the 1-Bag & Tote Challenge 

After my last vacation, I am officially on-board with the miracle of 1 bag and a tote! Carrying a duffle-size bag or carry-on size suitcase with a tote bag for on-board essentials! Lugging around huge luggage on every trip is not fun!

4. Check the Weather

Don't leave home without checking the weather! Pack a bad-weather outfit, just in case! You don't want to be out shopping for closed-toe shoes and an umbrella. 

5. Plan outfits and do a quick try-on before packing!

I usually forget things when packing for a trip, so, trying on each outfit helps me to not forget shoes or accessories! You also get a chance to make a change if needed and don't risk the chance of wearing an outfit you aren't satisfied with. 

Still Need More Help?! I have a Package deal available to get you right for your vacation! You can reserve your spot for the Haute Vacation Style Package, space is limited! Email to inquire! 

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