20 Something Summers

As I sit down in this room filled with fall accents and the smell of spiced apple floating through the air. Happiness and satisfactory is a feeling and I too reflect that feeling. I think back to 20 something Summers ago.

20 Something Summers Ago

“Darla! Darla! Get in this kitchen girl and finish cooking this food.” My Nana yelled.

“Coming Nana!”. I screamed back.

Lying knowing I wasn’t coming back to that kitchen anytime soon. Looking out into the Florida skies I wrote my dreams in the heavens, sketching out my future that I would wish to have one day. Singing out my frustrations to the grass that lay under my feet, and whispering my true feelings to the drinkers that landed on my nose. Sitting out here on this porch let me breathe. Breathe in not the usual toxins that surrounded me, but hope. The hope that I would be amazing. I’ve always believed that the only one in the world who will love you unconditionally is you. I sit here and tell myself the steps to be amazing. Step 1: Understand who you are. Know that each time you take a breath you are doing it just a little bit differently than the girl next door. Step 2: Understand what you are. Although your father might not have loved you, or you never got that call. You’re an unwrapped bomb of innocent glory that will one day be opened to blow, and just when you blow. Oh, the gleaming damage you will do. You are the epitome of beauty, the statue of strength, and the immortal corpse of a resilient woman. Step 3: Never let anyone compromise your being. Never let anyone tell you what lies before you, for they know not of the road that has been masterfully crafted for you. I want to make me proud of me. I want to wake up and smile knowing that God gave me another day to wake up myself and no one else. To thank God, he gave me a second chance to be better than what I was yesterday.

"A girlfriend that loves me to the core, and no matter what will love me into oblivion or maybe for the next 20 Something Summers and beyond."

I know that I can be anything in this world if I keep these steps dear to my heart, mind, body, and soul. I can be a doctor, a writer, a librarian, a wife, or a girlfriend. And not a girlfriend to a man, but to myself. A girlfriend that loves me to the core, and no matter what will love me into oblivion or maybe for the next 20 Something Summers and beyond.

My name is Ambria Abney from AIken, South Carolina.  I am 19 years old, and every since I can remember writing has been second nature to me. Currently, I attend North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University located in Greensboro, NC, where I major in Journalism and  Mass Communications with a concentration in Mass Media Productions. While being enrolled in this immaculate institution I serve as a writer for the scripted series "For The Love of Hip-Hop", which is broadcasted on WNAA 90.1 FM. One day I aspire to have my own magazine company along with the publishing of my own books.