5 Reasons You Need a New Wardrobe

Hi There!

Sometimes we may not realize how our wardrobe can block our blessings in life! If you ever have watched the TLC show "Love, Lust or Run", you get a chance to see how people with big goals but poor wardrobe make a total 360 in life by just acquiring a new wardrobe! Though that's just a show, it's so real and here are 5 reasons why you may need a new wardrobe of your own!

1. It's keeping you from receiving the big promotion

Though we know that image isn't everything, most times if people can't look past your neon crop top in the office; it won't matter what you say! Consider ways to bring your style to the work place while keeping it appropiate and people can focus on what you're saying!

2. Nothing fits........

You may have several pieces in your closet that you are consistently barely fitting in! It's time to let it go..... let it go! Go over to this post to see what other things you should get rid of! 

3. It doesn't fit your new lifestyle

Maybe you've begun to hang around new friends and the spots you used it to go to, you no longer go to & your old hang out clothes don't fit in there! This is a such thing, you want to stand out for your confidence and show stopping beauty not how you're wearing a tube dress at a winebar. 

4. It's not from this time period

Yes, fashion comes back every 20 years but if it's the same pants you've had since the 90's; I'm sure they are falling apart! You have to learn to let go of the past, just recreate it but don't keep it around. 

5. You've acquired a new career

You just got hired at a for a new job and you want to change up your style or you should change up your style! Changing your style at a new job will help to change your midset of the job. Dress for the job you want to have and show them how serious you can be!