Barre Fusion & Biscuits

Hey girl hey!

I hope you’ve been having fun with our Fierce Fall Challenge. As I mentioned in the last post, Fierce Fall Challenge, this season is all about pushing yourself to do things that make you feel bold, attractive, alluring, and strong. In that spirit, I decided to revisit one of my favorite workouts, a workout that lifts the booty, sculpts the abs, and burns the fat … Barre!  

Barre classes have risen in popularity over the last couple of years. And while you can occasionally find them in full-service gyms, the classes are usually offered in smaller boutique studios like Carolina Barre and Core.  The different studios often offer different types of barre, usually with differences in technique. Their barre class at Carolina Barre and Core, Barre Fusion, “fuses the disciplines of core and strength training, Pilates, yoga, and ballet.  

Carolina Barre and Core 2.JPG


Y’all… class was intense.  After warming up, we went through sets of small movements that targeted the arms, thighs, glutes, and abs and, in each set, it felt as though we pushed our muscles to the point of fatigue… and pushed a little bit more. I couldn’t do everything as directed, but the instructor, Victoria, suggested modifications and provided hands on adjustments to make sure I had the right posture and form.  At one point, during an especially strenuous set of leg lifts, Victoria yelled out “If your legs are shaking, you’re doing it right!” Girl, my arms, legs, and butt cheeks were trembling like crazy. I felt like I was dying a slow death, but at least I was doing it right. Class ended with Savasana, a meditative yoga pose where you lay on the ground and get out of your head. That was definitely my favorite part.

Carolina Barre and Core 1.JPG
Carolina Barre and Core 3.JPG


After Barre I refueled with a little weekday brunch at Jubala Coffee. Listen, their biscuits are something serious. We’re talking, made from scratch sweet biscuits that come with the warning “highly addictive.” Of their 12 toppings I chose to keep it kinda basic: Bacon, Egg, and Pimento Cheese. The slight sweetness of the biscuit was perfectly matched with all of that salty, savory goodness.

Jubala Coffee Counter.JPG


Now I’m not much of a coffee person, unless I’m going for something cold. I tried Jubala’s iced almond latte, extra sweet, and enjoyed it so much that I went back for seconds. Jubala offers their biscuits all day, making them the perfect anytime brunch spot. Next time you’re in Lafayette Village, be sure to check them out!

Jubala Coffee Biscuit.JPG
Jubala Coffee Almond Latte.JPG

If you’re interested in trying Barre Fusion, you can find the class schedule here.  Right now, they’re having a Back to School promo, 3 classes for $40 for new members and their classes are also available to Class Pass users.

Remember: Let me know how you’re switching it up and keeping it sexy this month by using the hashtag #TGPFierceFall to share your workouts.


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