A Sparkly for You & Your Homegirls.

We are a new online magazine for the girls who love sparkle & shine, we just want the pretty things out of life! This is the premier spot for ladies who love both the gorgeous & ratchet..... is that you?! Keep on scrolling girl!


Meet our Founder & Chief Homegirl

Hi, I'm Bria "Honeybbuzz" Davenport and Welcome to the Girlfriends Pod! For about 6 years I ran my personal blog site honeybbuzz.com, this year I saw a need for black women magazines with a lighter note to help women like me find women like them! The Girlfriends Pod is a light, airy site of all things girly with a hint of tough & rough! We maybe cute but we are strong, Welcome to the Pod! 



We are so ready to share with you some awesome content that will help you throw the best party, look your best self and save a dollar or two by doing it yourself. There will be blog posts, videos, lookbooks & more from some awesome creative women!



One thing most girlfriends love to do is shop together and that's no different here! The Shop will be filled with cute accessories and awesome gifts you can give your girlfriends! 



Our girls are so awesome and impressionable, so we must be the example! We will be coming out with a Girlfriends Pod Teen which will be the sister magazine that's all about being a teen girl of color and what they go through!



We won't just be hanging out online or in our slack group, we want to see you in person!! We will be planning some awesome events for our girlfriends, wherever you are!